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Waterbeds give a great night's sleep
Waterbeds don't create pressure points on the areas of greatest weight concentration, instead, waterbeds contour to the exact shape of your body providing total, even support. The result of a night spent in a waterbed is that you will enjoy improved blood circulation and rarely toss and turn. You will awaken feeling refreshed and well rested.

Waterbeds relieve pain
The natural warmth of waterbeds and the muscle relaxing comfort waterbeds give are particularly effective at relieving back pain. Waterbeds allow the vertebrae to lay in a more natural position. Because of the slight leg elevation you get on a waterbed, the vertebrae is straighter and subject to less stress.

Waterbed patent
The modern waterbed was first patented in 1853 by Dr. William Hooper of Portsmouth, England.

Waterbeds leaking
If properly installed, it is highly unlikely that a waterbed will leak. The waterbed mattress is supported by a frame designed to take all the pressure off the seams. For added safety, waterbeds have safety liners.

The Lifespan of waterbeds
Conventional mattresses need turning regularly, and replacing every 5 years. A waterbed will last considerably longer, and will be just as comfortable after ten years.

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