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Are you looking for waterbed heaters on the net? Then your search ends here. The Waterbed Specialist is the premier provider of waterbeds, waterbed heaters, and waterbed accessories on the net with a wide range of quality products to choose from.

The benefits of using a waterbed are often overlooked or erroneously relegated beneath the presumed maintenance overhead of owning one. In fact, owning and maintaining a waterbed could not be easier and the benefits are significant. For example, waterbeds can have a physiologically therapeutic effect and, especially when fitted with waterbed heaters, can assist sleep significantly.

The problem with conventional beds is that support is quite uneven. The pressure is great enough on prominent parts of body to restrict circulation in small service blood vessels. The tossing and turning that results keeps you from the deep sleep where you receive the most physical and mental rejuvenation. With a waterbed this is not the case, as pressure is distributed evenly throughout the whole body.

When fitted with Waterbed heaters you can further enjoy soothing, relaxing, therapeutic warmth radiating through the waterbed to your body. A wonderful feeling, relieving tension and inducing deep, restful sleep. Waterbed heaters gently heat the entire mattress and whatever temperature you choose is maintained throughout the night.

Waterbed heaters promote a wonderful, cosy, all enveloping warmth with no cold spots; unlike an electric blanket on a traditional bed. In the winter you raise the temperature above body heat to give a warm bed, in the summer turn the heater down just below your heat to maintain a cool and fresh feeling surface to sleep on.
Check out two of our best selling waterbed heaters: the Aquastar Digital Heater - state of the art, digital heating system, accurate to 0.1º; and the Kanthal Calesco Waterbed Heater, which has a double security feature and a heat sensor within the element itself, for totally reliable service. With both of these waterbed heaters you choose your desired temperature, which permeates through your water mattress giving you soothing, relaxing and therapeutic warmth all night.

All our waterbed heaters are entirely safe. They are double insulated and designed specifically to warm your waterbed. Whats more, our waterbed heaters carry a five-year manufactures guarantee and are CE approved.
So for more information on waterbeds and waterbed heaters please visit our homepage.

The The Waterbed Specialist for Waterbeds, Waterbed heaters and waterbed accessories.

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