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Looking for a company that has the latest products when it comes to waterbed conditioner? Do you need to know which conditioners are best for your bed and want the best price when it comes to waterbed conditioner? If your answer is yes then your search ends here. Here at The Waterbed Specialist we have all the latest products at the best prices when it comes to waterbed conditioner.

The Waterbed Specialist has been providing waterbeds and accessories for a number of years now including waterbed conditioner. We provide only the very best in waterbed conditioner, which you can buy for both Hard Sided and Soft Sided beds. When you purchase either the Hard Sided or the Soft Sided waterbed mattresses from us you will receive a 5-year warranty and also 1 bottle of waterbed conditioner.

You can purchase your waterbed conditioner in either single or as part of our maintenance kits. Our maintenance kits are specifically designed to last you 12 months. Each kit comprises of two Conditioners and one vinyl cleaner. The waterbed conditioner that we have form part of the superior cleaning range that we have on offer.

Blue magic multi purpose plus Waterbed Conditioner is specially formulated to treat and condition mattress water, fibre and foam. Also lubricates and conditions vinyl interior for maximum performance while eliminating noisy, gaseous bubbles.

If you would like any further information with regards to the waterbed conditioner we have in stock then please feel free to browse this web site. You can even purchase your waterbed conditioner on-line of speed of service.

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