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If you are looking for waterbed accessories the Waterbed Specialist can help you. We have a large variety of waterbed accessories you can purchase; these include mattresses, mattress heaters, fitted sheets, water conditioners and much more.

One of the waterbed accessories that we sell is the waterbed heater. This waterbed accessory is extremely beneficial in the winter months, to ensure that you have a warm and comfortable bed.

These waterbed accessories penetrate warmth through your water mattress giving you a soothing, relaxing and therapeutic warmth radiating through your waterbed. These waterbed accessories help relieve stress and tension and induce a deep restful sleep. All heaters carry a five-year manufacturers guarantee and are CE approved.

Other waterbed accessories include the waterbed mattress of which you can buy for both Hard Sided and Soft Sided beds. Both the Hard Sided and the Soft Sided mattresses carry a 5-year warranty, 1 bottle of water conditioner and delivery.

One of our newer waterbed accessories includes the water pillow. These waterbed accessories give you excellent support while you sleep. The water pillow adapts to your neck and head, so you will awake truly refreshed, the water pillow may even help you ease headaches and neck complaints.

We have an excellent range of waterbed accessories including a wide variety of fitted sheets, water conditioners, mattress protectors and safety liners. Whatever waterbed accessories you need the Waterbed Specialist has them.

All waterbed accessories come with free UK delivery and can be purchased a number of ways. You can either purchase your waterbed accessories through our secure online ordering facility, telephone or printable order form that can be faxed or sent by post.

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