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Softside Waterbed Mattress

If you’re looking for the best softside waterbed mattresses then look no further. Here at The Water Bed Specialist we have a wide selection of high quality softside waterbed mattresses to choose from.

Today's busy and active life-styles can place a huge stress on your body and also have an effect on the mind! Buying a softside waterbed mattress gives you that important deep, rejuvenating sleep. Whether you prefer the adjustable tube style support or heated deep fill support, softside waterbed mattresses give you the best night's sleep available.
Standard mattresses can create "pressure points" on areas where there is a large weight concentration. Using a softside waterbed mattress means you sleep on contours which correspond to the exact weight and shape of your body providing total, even support.

As a result you can experience improved blood circulation and rarely toss and turn, which can disrupt a good night's sleep. You will awaken feeling refreshed, well rested and energized. As well as the comforting contours of a softside waterbed mattress you can don’t have the discomfort of a cold, unheated mattress which can draw heat away from your body with a chilling effect. A heated softside waterbed mattress provides an even and gentle warmth that penetrates and relaxes your muscles, allowing a more restful, therapeutic sleep.

We are a fully customer oriented company. If you need information on any of our softside waterbed mattresses or any waterbed related subject please call or email us; we will be happy to hear from you.

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