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Filling  and Drain Kit
Filling and Drain Kit
Price: 40.00

This kit is designed to help with the basic filling and draining of your waterbed.

What you get

Filler Adapter. (connects to your bed, then connect a 1/2 inch hose via a quick fit fitting)

Filler cap and bung

Air extractor

2 x 4oz bottles of multi-purpose waterbed conditioner

1 x 8oz bottle of Vinyl Cleaner

Price includes Delivery (UK only)



Simple siphon
Simple siphon
Price: 14.50

Makes easy works of siphoning your water mattress.

Siphons the water by creating a vacuum.

Fits all mattresses.

Secure quick fit garden hose fitting.

Includes instructions.

Price includes delivery (UK only)


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