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The Hydrosleep
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Bubble Gone
Bubble Gone
Price: 7.00

Waterbed De-Oxidizer, Especially formulated to remove Noisy Bubbles from Waterbeds. (Net Contents 250ml).

Depending on the quality of the water, air may develop in the waterbed. in areas of excessive air formation, this bubble inhibator may be the answer.

Price includes delivery (UK only)


Filler Cap and Bung
Filler Cap and Bung
Price: 3.00

Filler cap and bung for Waterbed Mattress (for all waterbed mattresses and water pillows).

Universal pull cap and seal for sealing the waterbed fill valve. The outer cap has two semicircular plastic rings to pull up the fill valve easily.

Price includes delivery (UK only)


Patch kit and Clamp
Patch kit and Clamp
Price: 7.99


Puncture Repair Kit and Clamp.

Instructions of use.

Clamp for waterbed repair without the need to drain

Tube of adhesive

Piece of vinyl with pre-stamped patches

Price includes Delivery (UK only)


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