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Free Flotation (Soft-Side)


To fit Soft-sided Divan style waterbeds.

The Free Floatation Mattress has no layers of fibre giving a Full Motion for true floatation sleep. 

Vinyl mattress 
This is the real thing, no layers of any kind, the original water mattress. Feel the difference, a lot more movement but you will still have a great night sleep. These mattresses can be fitted to any of our waterbeds and are available in any size. Made of vinyl they will give years of trouble-free service.

6'0" x 6'6" is 140, the extra 20 will automatically be added to your order.


Please make sure that you have ordered the correct size, as no refund will be given on mattresses that have had the cap removed or any water added.

Please note: this is a replacement water mattress only and not a complete waterbed.

Price Includes Delivery (UK only)


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