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Water Conditioner


Multi purpose Waterbed Conditioner is specially-formulated to treat and condition waterbed mattresses. Also lubricates and conditions vinyl interior for maximum performance while eliminating noisy, gaseous bubbles (Net Contents: 100ml).

Suitable for all waterbeds

Manufacurer's recommendation is to add one 100ml bottle of multi purpose conditioner every six months or two 100ml bottles for one year.

Price includes delivery (UK only)

The importance of adding conditioner every six months

Conditioner is important for two reasons: -

To keep the water clean and pleasant and to keep the vinyl supple.

The manufacturer may void your guarantee if conditioner is not added.

 Our conditioner is suitable for all makes of waterbeds to include Sterling, Boyd, Mo –Sar, Halcyon, Aquastar, BWC, S.P.S,  Akva and all fiber and coiled mattresses.


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