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Waterbed Facts

  • The problem with conventional beds is that support is quite uneven. The pressure is great enough on prominent parts of body to restrict circulation in small service blood vessels. The tossing and turning that results keeps you from the deep sleep where you receive the most physical and mental rejuvenation.
  •  It's a fact: One of the most effective means of relieving back pain and relaxing back muscle is the application of heat. It is this natural warmth and the muscle relaxing comfort that makes waterbeds indispensable to their owners.
  • There is no other sleeping surface that provides the total body support; pressure reduced comfort, hygiene and durability of a waterbed.
  •  It's a fact: The modern waterbed was first patented in 1853 by Dr. William Hooper of Portsmouth, England.
  • Floatation support allows the vertebrae to lay in a more natural position. Also, because of the slight leg elevation you get on a waterbed, the vertebrae is straighter and subject to less stress. This, plus the support a water mattress gives to the small of the back, relieves pressure and lower back tension.
  • Waterbed sleep contributes to a more relaxed feeling in the morning and helps to reduce morning stiffness.
  • Insomnia is less of a problem in a waterbed because the increased comfort and soothing warmth puts you to sleep faster and lets you rest longer.
  • Weight is no problem: A typical waterbed weighs around 700Kgs. Houses and apartments are built to meet housing standards or building codes and even a king size waterbed is well within the weight limits. In fact, a waterbed is less weight per square foot than a piano, a refrigerator or even a dozen adult men. (So if you live in a place that cannot support a waterbed, it should probably be condemned).
  • Total body support: Unlike conventional mattresses which create pressure points on areas of greatest weight concentration, a waterbed contours to the exact shape of your body providing total, even support. As a result, you will enjoy improved blood circulation and rarely toss and turn. You will awaken feeling refreshed and well rested.
  • Leaks-A concern that should be laid to rest: It is very rare that a high quality water mattress will leak if properly installed. The water mattress is supported by a frame designed to take all the pressure off the seams so that the vinyl merely contains the water. For added safety, should water escape from the mattress, there is a safety liner.
  •  It's a fact: We spend more money in Britain on sleeping pills and other inducing remedies than we do on beds.
  • Enjoy a good night's sleep, relax those tired muscles, reduce the tension and join the growing number of people all over the world who will indulge themselves in the luxury of waking up on a waterbed, feeling refreshed, warm and wonderful all over.
  • Waterbeds generally increase the ease of falling asleep.


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