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The Hydrosleep
The Hydrosleep
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How To Extract The Air, and Add Conditioner

Extracting the air from a water mattress is a procedure to remove the trapped air from inside the mattress. Place your body weight at head end of your bed and gently force the air out of the filler cap. Repeat this operation until your mattress is silent. Now add a  8oz(Or two 4oz) bottle of waterbed conditioner replace bung and screw cap firmly on valve and push down flush with mattress. Alternatively you could use a Air Pump Extractor, available from our on-line store. Click Here if you wish to purchase the Air Pump, or Click Here to purchase Water Conditioner. 

You can adjust the firmness of your mattress by adding or removing water.
Do not fill above frame or liner.

How To Make Your Bed

 Flip pockets inside out. Place your hand in corner pocket like a glove. Grab bottom corner of mattress with hand in mattress protector and pull back, remove opposite hand, with free hand flip pocket over mattress and release. Repeat on all Four Corners.

 Place sheet on top of mattress protector and tuck toward foot end each side then tuck foot end. Place lightweight quilt on top (4.5 to 6 tog max) and either tuck in or lay over bed. When your bed is warm, it is then ready to sleep on.

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