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  • How do waterbed heaters work are they safe?
    The heater system uses a low wattage pad that is on the decking underneath the mattress liner. A variable thermostat, controlling the on/off mode of the pad, constantly maintains the water temperature at your pre-selected setting.
    Yes. They are safe. They are double insulated, earthed and designed specifically to warm your waterbed. All our heaters are CE approved.
  • Are waterbeds easy to move?
    Yes. In fact, once drained, the components of a waterbed are far easier to move than most conventional beds and even king size waterbeds can be carried into most rooms that have limited access, narrow staircases etc. Moving only requires extra time (to allow for draining or filling). Should you not wish to move it yourself we can offer a moving service or we have available waterbed electric pump kit that are ready to use.Click here to Filling and draining tools.
  • Do waterbeds burst?
    Never. A waterbed is a pressure-less system. If you sit on the mattress and open the filler cap no water will come out. A waterbed is not like an air mattress, which is under constant pressure. Even in the unlikely event that the mattress is punctured, the water would only slowly be absorbed into the surrounding bedding and safety liner.
  • How easy is it to puncture a waterbed?
    Any really sharp object can be used to puncture a water mattress but it is not as easy as you might imagine. Unless you wilfully set out to damage your waterbed you are not likely to puncture it.
  • How often do you have to change the water?
    Only when you move the bed. The water is stabilized in the mattress by a conditioning fluid to prevent a growth of algae or bacteria. With regular care the same mattress of water will go on supporting you for years.
  • What are the different styles of waterbeds?
    There are basically two styles-rigid frame beds and the more modern soft-sided divan beds. The rigid frame beds were the original waterbeds. The frame acts as the main support for the vinyl mattress and becomes part of the bedroom furniture. The frame is often made of natural wood or painted M.D.F (medium density fiberboard) or upholstered boards. The frame usually rests on a deck and plinth, which supports the whole bed.
  • What is conditioner?
    It is an algaecide/biocide. The conditioner stabilizes the quality of the water so there is no risk of bacteria or algae growth inside the mattress. Most manufactures recommend you add a 4oz bottle every six months. It also helps maintain the level of plasticiser in the vinyl, which enhances the suppleness of your vinyl mattress. Click here to view waterbed conditioner
  • Will it fall through the floor?
    Because a waterbed rests on a purpose built plinth, the floor loading is well below the basic requirements for building regulations, it is often 10% of the contact pressure of a conventional bed on legs or casters.

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