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Waterbed Facts Continued

  • Relief for back pain: Because of today's active lifestyle, people of all ages experience back pain. In a recent survey, back trouble was one of the most common reasons why people bought their first waterbed. Why? Because waterbeds provide many people with relief from all kinds of aches and pains. Since your body is over 80% water, lying on a waterbed creates a semi-weightless state that is especially comforting to your back. Your body can relax completely on a waterbed. Interestingly, the most common reason why people buy waterbeds is simply because they are so comfortable.
  • It's a fact: Our bodies are over 80% water.
  • Waterbeds never sag: That means you will never need to turn the mattress or put a board underneath it. Even a decade later a waterbed is as comfortable and supportive as the first night you slept on it. Overall, an excellent investment.
  • Soothing therapeutic warmth: A cold, unheated mattress of any kind will draw heat away from your body with a chilling effect. A heated water mattress provides even and gentle warmth that relaxes your muscles so you enjoy a more restful and therapeutic sleep.
  • Waterbeds are very hygienic. The vinyl mattress prevents a build up of dust or mites, which has proven to be a boon for sufferers of asthma or allergies.
  • It's a fact: Medical studies have shown that the equal distribution of body weight, as on a waterbed, benefits everybody.
  • Waterbeds permit longer periods of sleep with less movement and fewer re-awakenings.
  • It's a fact: Approximately 30% of all people suffer some form of sleep disturbance. On an ordinary bed, most people change position about 60 times a night to relieve uncomfortable pressure points and restore blood circulation. The total body support of a waterbed minimises this pressure and the need to toss and turn.
  • Waterbed mattresses are available in either full floatation or with stabilising fiber or baffles inside the mattress. Along with the option of dual mattresses there is a level of comfort and motion stability in the modern waterbed to suit all tastes.
  • Wake up to floatation sleep: More and more people now recognise that floatation sleep is a genuinely better way to sleep. Over 70 million people worldwide enjoy the comfort and benefit of floatation sleep.
  • A bed for all seasons: Cool and relaxed in summer and cosy in the winter. A waterbed is particularly beneficial to sufferers of arthritis and rheumatism, soothing aching joints and backs and improving circulation.
  • Pregnant women sleep more comfortably on a waterbed-even stomach down.
  • It's a fact: The first known advertisement for a waterbed appeared in a London newspaper in 1854.



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