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Developments in vinyl production and their supporting frames mean that today's waterbeds are free from any internal pressure, i.e. they can never burst. In fact, you can open the fill valve of a full waterbed, sit on the mattress and no water will spill from it. Imagine the vinyl simply as a skin around the water. The vinyl helps the water to support your body weight while it ensures you remain dry and comfortable.


You should always buy the largest bed that will fit into your bedroom.


Our bodies are over 80% water.


After installation the only maintenance required is the addition of a special water conditioner every six months. The conditioner helps to maintain the suppleness of the vinyl. Regular wiping of the vinyl mattress with an approved vinyl cleaner is also recommended.


We spend more money in Britain on sleeping pills and other sleep inducing remedies than we do on beds.


There are more myths and misconceptions about waterbeds than any other type of bed - especially in Britain. The myths include the misconceptions that they make you seasick, or that they are expensive, or that they puncture easily, or that they are too heavy for British homes. All of these are wrong!


The waterbed has come a long way in 3000 years, from the Persians original idea of sleeping on sun-warmed goatskin water bags to today's sophisticated floatation systems.


The sensation of sleeping on a waterbed is very soothing, relaxing and conductive to good sleep. Waterbeds can be as stable as conventional beds.


Medical studies have shown that the equal distribution of body weight, as on a waterbed, benefits everybody, especially those suffering from arthritis and rheumatism.


The soft sided waterbeds have a foam cushioned edge. They frequently look like conventional beds, are very easy to get into and out of.


At one time or another during our lives, we nearly all suffer some form of back pain.


 Waterbeds are very hygienic. The vinyl mattress helps to prevent a build up of dust or mites. The cleanliness of waterbeds is a boon for sufferers of asthma or allergies.


Waterbeds never sag. That means you will never need to turn the mattress or end up putting a board underneath it. Even a decade later the bed is as comfortable and supportive as the first night you use it.


There is no other sleep system that provides the total body support, pressure reduced comfort, hygiene and durability of a waterbed.


All waterbeds have a built in vinyl safety liner so that if you puncture the vinyl water mattress, any spill will be contained in the liner to prevent it from leaking onto the floor. (Leaks are rare. If required, a repair kit specifically designed to mend vinyl waterbed punctures is available). Once repaired, the mattress will continue to be fully useable for the rest of its natural life.


Approximately 30% of all people suffer some form of sleep disturbance. On a standard bed, most people change position about 60 times a night to relieve uncomfortable pressure points. The total body support of a waterbed minimizes this pressure and the need to toss and turn.


The modern waterbed was first patented in 1883 by Dr. William Hooper of Portsmouth, England. To make life more comfortable for his patients he invented a type of floatation bed to ease the pain caused by pressure sores. He specifically wanted to take advantage of the lower surface pressure of waterbeds. The problems he faced were how to contain the water and how to warm it to body temperature. Hooper's original experiment had limited success.


The solution to constructing a modern waterbed was finally devised in the 1960's by a young Californian student named Charles Hall. He used vinyl for the water mattress and a small external heating unit to warm the water. Mass production has since brought the waterbed into millions of homes around the world.


Weight is rarely, if ever, a problem. Waterbeds will fit on any normal floor as safely in British homes as they do overseas. Most waterbeds have traditionally been designed to contain 9inches (23cm) of water as that depth has proved to offer the best support and comfort.


One of the most effective means of relieving pain and relaxing back muscles is the application of heat. Most waterbeds are heated. It is this natural warmth and the muscle relaxing comfort that make waterbed indispensable to their owners.


Waterbeds are very durable. The normal life of a well maintained vinyl water mattress is approximately 10 - 15 years.

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