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The Hydrosleep
The Hydrosleep
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The Hydrobed
The Hydrobed
Price: 1,375.00

                  We spend nearly 1/3 of our lives in bed - it makes sense to
                  get the best rest we can.
                  These are the essential qualities you should be looking for in
                  any bed. The Hydrobed waterbed excels in all four. The
                  HydroPedic water mattress simply displaces to contour to your
                  individual shape and weight, providing the best body support.
                  It does so with the least pressure, maximising your comfort.
                  At the end of the 1980's, the British Waterbed Company
                  received a grant of patent for an innovative new design for a
                  softside waterbed. The design added new practical benefits and
                  further enhanced the superb support and comfort of their
                  original waterbeds.
                  It was the only waterbed patent granted to a British company
                  in the Twentieth Century.
                  The removable zip-off quilted tops can be laundered for better
                  hygiene (replacements are available as required) and the
                  surface will not sag or settle - providing virtually the same
                  support, comfort and hygiene for years and years.
                  The Hydrobed waterbed is a stable, comfortable, supportive
                  sleep system. It helps us to relax and provides a very healthy
                  sleeping environment.

 The Hydrobed is a soft-sided waterbed it looks like a conventional bed but has the comfort of a waterbed.

The Hydrobed comes in standard UK bed sizes (secial sizes available) and normal fitted or flat sheets will fit well.

The zip on cover is made from a quilted material, which is machine washable.

This bed comes complete with a SUPER WAVELESS mattress and a thermostatically controlled heater. (Other mattress available)

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Please note that our prices include delivery and installation to the South of England (From Oxforshire to the South coast) (for other areas please call on (02380 739315)

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